If you have a patio you want to EXTEND and want it all to MATCH, this is the way to go!

If you have an OLD concrete slab that just doesn’t look good, this is a great fix!

If you just want something that looks GOOD and is EASY to clean, this is a great option!


 Why opt for an overlay…

  • Concrete overlays are a much better alternative to stamped concrete.
  • Because overlays are made of a polymer modified cement, they hold color a lot longer than stamped concrete or stained concrete,  and you don’t have to reseal them as often.
  • Overlays can be applied to old or new concrete so you don’t have to replace existing concrete to achieve the decorative look you want.
  • Overlays are strong enough to drive on and can resist the wear and tear of salt water pools.
  • The overlay systems are so flexible we can virtually achieve any look you can think of.  Any type of pattern or design can be obtained. For example: Brick, tile, stone, wood, marble, slate, pavers, cobblestone, and many other unique shapes and designs.
  • View some examples of Stamps.  You can also view Color Charts by clicking Here, or Here
  • We have stamps that can mimic stamped concrete perfectly.



B Creative Inc. offers a 10 year limited warranty on our overlays for product malfunction. The warranty does not include forces of nature that are beyond our control, including but not limited to, hydrostatic pressure, earthquakes, constructional blasting, tornadoes, ground fill movement, cracks or heaves in existing sub-surfaces, adverse local water conditions, acts of GOD, negligence or acts of others. Decorative concrete applications are only as stable as the existing concrete it is being applied to.

The recommended sealer must be applied and should not exceed 2 years for exterior and 5 years for interior for resealing, unless advised otherwise by an estimator.  An estimator will examine the surface to determine when sealer is needed.


*Prep Work remains consistent for all overlays: B Creative begins by pressure washing the surface with a minimum of 3500 PSI, or mechanically abrading the surface using grinders to remove existing coatings.  Then, the surface will be acid washed and neutralized with ammonia to neutralize the pH level of the concrete to allow for good adhesion.

*Sealing Process remains the same for all overlays: After the overlay is finished for outdoors we apply two coats of our re-emulsifying sealer to make a strong bond and a nonporous finish which is stain, mildew, and UV resistant. For indoor overlays we use a mixture of epoxy and/or urethane sealers to get your desired look and texture.

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