Epoxy Coatings


Many epoxy systems can be applied to a variety of surfaces, not limited to just concrete.



A solid color epoxy of your choice is applied.  While the epoxy is wet, we broadcast colored flakes of your choice 100% over the entire surface.  Once dry, we clean the surface and apply a high end polyaspartic clear coat to protect the surface and give it a nice glossy look that will last for years.


This is a clear epoxy system that utilizes colored reflective powder pigments to create some truly unique looks you won’t find anywhere else.  This is also a great way to mimic a stained floor when concrete is in bad condition, or when covering a non concreted surface.  Please call to discuss further.

 Reflector Enhancer Color Chart


This is an epoxy which can be applied before any epoxy based system to prevent hydrostatic pressure from delaminating the coating over time.  This process is highly recommended if you have current moisture issues or a vapor barrier is not already in place.  Please inquire for more details.


*Prep Work for concrete surfaces remains consistent for all epoxy systems: B Creative begins by pressure washing with a minimum of 3500 PSI, or mechanically abrading the surface using grinders.  Where possible, the surface is then acid washed and ammonia washed, neutralizing the pH of the concrete surface.  The surface is then removed of excess water/debris and the surrounding areas are taped off.

*Prep Work for non concrete surfaces vary.

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