Concrete Work

  • REPAIRS:  Including tear out and replacement.


  • NEW SLABS:  Driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.

*Process of Application:  B Creative goes the extra mile to give you the best possible concrete slab by including several valuable steps that many concrete companies overlook.  B Creative starts by removing grass and leveling the ground.  Then, 3-6 inches of gravel is applied, depending on the surface.  Next, the gravel is screeded (uniformly leveled), to insure a solid pour, whether 4 inches or 6 inches is needed, and by doing so, we minimize the likelihood of cracking.  Next, the gravel is compacted before making the pour.  B Creative always uses fiber reinforced concrete, rebar reinforcement when needed, and never minimizes the PSI rating. Lastly, expansion joints are cut where necessary to maintain a solid, strong slab to help prevent cracking that can occur over time.


  • NON-DECORATIVE RESURFACING:  Create a new textured, broom-finish look on old or pitted concrete.


  • CRACK REPAIR:  We have many types of crack repairs and fillers.  Depending on the need and desired finished look, together we will determine the best solution for your concrete.

*Process of Application: First, B Creative “V” opens the crack(s).  Next, a two part epoxy is injected into the crack, mixing it with sand, which bonds it back together.  Where necessary, new tension relief joints are saw-cut to help prevent future cracking and allow the concrete more flexibility.">Home Services Product Information Contact Us